Supporting and auxiliary transport services



Accessible Transport Services for an Independent Lifestyle

Vantastic operates as a Social Enterprise, Irish registered Charity (Irish Charities Regulatory Authority registered Number # 20043728) that offers accessible transport services for people with permanent or temporary mobility difficulties, physical & sensory disabilities and not for profit organisations.

Vantastic currently operates the following services:

  • Rental wheelchair accessible car hire
  • Minibus (provided under our International Road Passenger Transport Operator Licence No. 210073468)
    • Individual travel
    • Group travel
    • Older Persons travel

Vantastic’s Wheelchair Accessible Rental Car Service provides wheelchair accessible vehicles to support individuals with a disability, persons with mobility difficulties or impairments and wheelchair users to reach their destinations. Vantastic Rental offers its clients a cost-effec- tive alternative to vehicle ownership, which can potentially result in large cost savings against owning, insuring and maintaining their own vehicle, particularly when that vehicle would be used infrequently. The Rental Service is based on a membership model in which clients can hire from a shared pool of rental cars owned and maintained by Vantastic.

Vantastic Rental operates as a social enterprise with a mix of revenue generated from rental car hires and partial state funding. The main stakeholder groups that rent from Vantastic include individuals with a disability, their family members and friends and organisations or groups with service users with a disability. The Rental Service is staffed by a rental coordinator responsible for arranging rental

car bookings, a mechanic and secretary who manage the rental car depot, as well as a Chief Executive and a voluntary Board of Directors responsible for management and oversight

for the service, respectively. Some individuals using the Vantastic Rental have also used other transportation services provided by Vantastic,

which include the Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Service and the Health and Shop Route Service operating in Dublin.

In 2017, Vantastic decided to undertake a social impact evaluation of the Wheelchair Accessible Rental Car Service to understand whether the service offers good value for money. To answer this question, a Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation was selected as the best approach.

Unlike other types of cost-benefit analysis, SROI accounts for the organisation’s impact on the health and wellbeing of its stakeholders. An SROI evaluation considers the impact generated as a result of an organisation’s activities or interventions. It also gathers data to estimate the value that an organisation is responsible for creating.