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Darndale Belcamp VEC

Darndale Belcamp VEC

We have a vision of our community where the physical environment is safe, secure and clean, where the local economy is strong and provides jobs and opportunities for local people, where people have confidence and a sense of pride in their community and where our services operate effectively for the good of all.

Darndale Belcamp Village Centre CLG provides a range of projects and services which have been developed to support the needs of the local community as outlined in the organisation's 2018 - 2021 Strategic Plan.

(01) 877 1608
The Bell Building, The Link Road, Dublin, Dublin D17 E027
Rediscover Paint

Rediscover Paint

Rediscover Paint, a Rediscovery Centre social enterprise, collects paint from recycling centres, then filters and remixes it to create new paint in perfectly usable condition. The recycled paint is sold in the Ecostore onsite. Since 2007, the social enterprise has been offering affordable recycled paint to the wider Dublin community.

As a social enterprise, Rediscover Paint also offers training to long-term unemployed citizens.

The aim of the programme is to divert paint from disposal or incineration and provide affordable paint for reuse to the public and community organizations.

The Boiler House, Ballymun Road, Ballymun, Dublin, Dublin D09 HK58