The Soap Box Project

West Cork – A Place Apart

As a family, we are so fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful rugged landscapes in the world along the Wild Atlantic Way In Ireland.

I am a life long community worker and activist and the love of my life is a sailor, boat builder and woodsman. We have three awesome teenage children.

Our home is nestled in a woodland right on the waters edge and every day we find inspiration in the nature around us.


My daughter came home from school one day in despair for the planet. Even at a young age she was becoming enlightened to politics, big business, government and feeling increasingly helpless.

The Soapbox Project was set up in that moment for one reason alone. To give my children hope – to reassure them, to show that each of us can make a difference, that the future of their planet need not be doomed because of the inaction of politicians and big business.

As a family we looked around the house to see how we could make a difference. We saw the bathroom shelf full of plastic bottles.

From that day nearly three years ago to this we have been on a mission to rid the bathroom of plastic and to replace shampoo and conditioner in particular with solid bars. Our bathroom is a plastic free zone!

Along the way we’ve tried our best to think of others and give a little where we can. Its just a part of how we are.

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