Duhallow REVAMP is a furniture recycling and re-use initiative which was established with 3 key purposes; providing sheltered training and employment opportunities, helping our environment by reducing landfill and fly tipping and providing quality up-cycled furniture at low cost to pensioners, low income families, people who are marginalised and unemployed because of mental health difficulties and other reasons.

There is a growing green trend emerging for second hand unique products, reflecting an increased interest in eco-friendly pieces, particularly ones that are priced at an affordable cost. From budget buys to sought-after vintage pieces, Duhallow REVAMP has something for everyone. The community service operates a tiered pricing system whereby those in most need (which includes anyone receiving a means tested social welfare benefit, and students) are able to buy goods at a lower price than the general public. If people wish to buy at reduced prices, they must bring along evidence of their eligibility when they visit the showrooms in the James O’Keeffe Institute, Newmarket