Proudly Made in Africa

Proudly Made in Africa is an Irish charity promoting Africa’s world-class products globally. We strive to promote ‘trade not aid’ messaging in everything we do and emphasise that creating sustainable African jobs is the best solution to African poverty. Proudly Made in Africa source the most exciting retail-ready products from producers all across Africa. Whether it’s a small start-up, community cooperatives or medium sized business, Proudly Made in Africa supports its producers to meet international standards and export globally. Through education programmes and workshops Proudly Made in Africa raises awareness of the role of value-added trade in poverty reduction and sustainable job creation in Africa.

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These innovative African businesses not only produce organic, fairly traded, environmentally friendly, award winning products but also support female empowerment in Nairobi Kenya and Tanzania, add value to improve livelihoods working towards living income and are leading habitat conservation efforts of the famous mountain gorilla.

PMIA supports, connects, and promotes these African businesses and now sells their products through the online store. Shop everything from organic teas, spices and cocoa beans to handmade soft toys, natural soaps, vegan certified and Great Taste Award-winning chocolate and the world’s first Fair Chain coffee.