Moyee Coffee

Roughly 8 years ago a group of African and European entrepreneurs launched Moyee Coffee. Their ambition was to reimagine the coffee industry and share more of the value from coffee with coffee growing countries. They called this model FairChain.

They set up Moyee’s first roastery in Addis Ababa, established partnerships with coffee communities in the Jimma region and began to develop a roadmap for a living income for coffee farmers which could also protect and rejuvenate the wildlife habitats of the coffee belt.

In 2016, Irish social entrepreneurs, Shane Reilly and Killian Stokes, discovering the great taste and ambition of Moyee established an outpost in Dublin to bring FairChain coffee to offices, shops and homes across the UK and Ireland.  

Join our growing tribe of Moyee and FairChain coffee fans by drinking pink and helping to make every sip count!